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Luxury classic living room Venezia

Luxury classic living room Venezia


The luxury classic living room , realized in Luigi XV style . Different the characteristics that make this classic living room a own example of great luxury in the panorama of the style furniture: it is in facto f a real jewel inspired to the living rooms that made beautiful show of themselves in the noble and regal palaces of the past. First of all are witness the great three seater sofa and the armchairs, certainly the protagonists of this classic sofa. Starting from the sofa, we may note the carvings with gold leaf and silver leaf finish that decorate the whole profile. The small feet, with soft and sinuous shape, end in a curl as well as the arms: each particular is looked in details, as shown by the learned alternation of the silver parts and that golden, that confer a trend even more moved to the composition.

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    L99.00" D36.00" H37.00"
    L251.46CM D91.44CM H93.98CM

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