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Interior Design

Our ID service was created to partner up with London Gallery, professionals and private, and offer all the tools and solutions to satisfy their project's needs.

We create mood boards and 3D floor plans. Once the final project is validated, we take care of ordering and delivering the products selected.

Our client’s Dream Home becomes real, through a simple process.

How it works







Consultation & Conversation

Conversation is where everything
starts  it  is  where people get to
know you, find  out  about  your
taste,  ideas  and  even  lifestyle
demands.  It  doesn’t  matter  if
you do it  personally  or  virtually,
words will always be thee  key  to
our hearts. This is why we always
ask you to  fill in  a Q&A first,  so
that the designer can get some
insight on your personal needs.

Designing & Planning

Afterwards  and   based   on   your
specifications, we are able to create
the mood boards. We  will  get  the measurements of existing pieces as
well  the  exact placement of doors
and windows, so that every detail
used can create a perfect rendering.
After selecting your favourite products
from our store or customized bespoke products from our store, we will work alongside you in order to determine
colours, materials and finishes.

Dreams come true

We use 3D design tools to create
the complete  rendering.  This  is
how we  show  you  the  different
textures,   lighting    and   colours
carefully chosen  for  your project.
This   rendering   gives  you   the
opportunity to see how your choice
of products will actually look in your interior space. Once  you’re  100%
happy, we’ll order and deliver all the furnishings.  We  will  be  happy  to
bring a little bit of  our  own  vision
into   your   home,   by   delivering
dreams that really do come true.

Our Projects