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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

London Gallery is specialized in the production of classical furniture and modern Furniture made in high quality, and it is a company born from a long tradition of craftsmanship in wood processing and in particular in the realization of the classic furniture derived from popular styles in London and in European countries own at that time, taking direct inspiration from the most luxurious and elegant classic styles. Own characteristic of the production of classic furniture.


London Gallery

Attention to detail and finishes most of the classic furniture and the modern furniture are productions entirely handmade by experienced craftsmen.


The items are all suitable for luxury homes and draw direct inspiration from the most beautiful models in a different style. Inlays, carvings, and gilding that embellish these classic productions are also the result of manual dexterity and experience of English craftsmanship, as well as the beautiful decorations painted on the furniture.


Furniture based on respect of the stylistic elements that characterize the different epochs, offer therefore to international customers complete furnishings for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and studies, as well as furniture and unique pieces ranging between different styles: from sophisticated carved furniture in Louis XVI style to the richness of Louis XV style, the regional styles such as the 700 Lombardo period, the 700 French period and the 800 French periods to the inlays that will draw upon from the great examples of the Maggiolini to the rigorous sumptuousness of Hermitage.

Today London Gallery is recognizable all over the world for its distinctive furniture collections that can cover any demand from classic to modern and contemporary style.
With many years of experience in the furnishing business, London Gallery is the ideal partner for any of your projects: from furnishing a small apartment, a villa, a hotel, or a restaurant up to luxury furniture for a cruise liner, and now we also offer free consultations for our clients.


The challenge is to create furniture by traditional

craftsmanship with modern-day technology.

London gallery

Production process

Our production process includes hand-made manufacturing and cutting-edge machinery supervised by skilled experts. We follow the entire process from the idea to the assembly, down to the smallest detail. The strict quality control process ensures that each product meets the highest expectations for design and quality.


 Following the client’s demand throughout the years, increasing the product range by adding to the well known classic the new modern and contemporary furniture.



Modern furniture, including sofas, cabinets, armchairs, coffee tables, dining tables and cabinets. Real Ash and Walnut wood, marble as Carrara and Dark Emperador, metal chrome or gold plated structures, different materials combined with each other to achieve an exclusive and elegant look.


The contemporary furniture collection transforms all furniture elements according to criteria of modularity and customization. A strong emphasis on quality with a predominance of Cherry wood and metal elements. Not forgetting the great attention to detail with a wide choice of finishes, always a trademark in all products.

Over the years the product range has widened so much that is no longer just a producer of chairs but a complete furniture manufacturer. The offer of nowadays includes tables, coffee tables, cabinets, sofas, sideboards and even bar stools, mirrors, lamps and bedroom furniture.

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We provide our clients in the contract

the sector with professional advice for the

choice of style and characteristics of the furniture. On several occasions, we have

created bespoke furniture for a restaurant

or hotel. 

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